Tie-Dyed Golf Balls – Rainbow


Tie-Dyed Golf Balls – Rainbow

Add a splash of color to your golf game with our Tie-Dyed Golf Balls! These unique, up-cycled golf balls are both a statement piece and an eco-friendly choice. Each ball is a work of art, hand-crafted on repurposed golf balls to give them a new lease on life.

With 10 vibrant Tie-Dye Colors to choose from, you’ll never lose sight of your ball on the green. Each sleeve includes three tie-dyed balls, three tees and a ball marker for added convenience. And the best part? The paper packaging is made from shredded, repurposed materials, giving new purpose to junk mail.

Get ready to turn heads and spark conversations with these one-of-a-kind Tie-Dyed Golf Balls. Make them part of your golf game and  join the movement of saving the planet, one golf ball at a time! The perfect gift for the golfer in your life.

  • Three Custom Tie-Dyed Upcycled Golf Balls
  • Ball Marker
  • Three Wooden Tees


ATTENTION: USED/REFURBISHED GOLF BALLS: The enclosed contents of used/refurbished golf balls are UPCYCLED USED GOLF BALLS. Used/Refurbished golf balls are subject to performance variations from new ones. These used/refurbished balls were processed via one or more of the following steps. Tie-dying or painting by hand in our shop. This product has NOT been endorsed or approve by the original manufacturer and the balls DO NOT fall under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Available Tie-Dyed Colors

Flag Hunter Camo, Hippie Camo, On The Green, Fire, Ocean, Purple Haze, Purple Kush, Sunday Best

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